• Digidesign C24 Control Surface
  • ​Genelec 8250a Monitors/Speakers
  • MacPro (5,1) 3.33Ghz 6 core
  • Avid HD OMNI Interface
  • ​iMac for client use

CTV Sound Studios

Studio 2

Studio 2 is our brand new dubbing suite. It too boasts a lightning quick Mac Pro with a Pro Tools 11 HD system. The room has been professionally treated to deliver excellent acoustics. 

The studio includes the Genelec 8250a speakers which have the ability to send out a different sound mix to more than one listening position in the room ensuring you hear the right sound, wherever you're sat (be that on the sofa or behind the mixing desk.

The suite is linked to our voiceover booth for recording voiceovers and ADR.

Studio 2 also has access to our super fast broadband with download speeds up to 160Mb