Sound Effects

We have a library of Sound Effects that we have recorded here in South Wales, to a high professional standard, using specialist equipment to capture the best possible fidelity.

For full list of categories and Sound Effects please contact us and we can send a spreadsheet listing each Sound Effect in full detail. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for, we can also record custom sound effects for your specific needs. Sound effects will normally be delivered as stereo .wav's, at 16bit / 44.1KHz but we can always change this to different formats to suite your needs.

  • wav
  • aiff
  • mp3  
  • CD, and more...

Here are some short clips of our fully mixed Sound Effects.


  • Waves On The Beach0:17
  • Motorway Traffic0:25
  • Sea Birds On The Coast0:36
  • Small Waterfall0:23
  • Wine Being Poured Into Glass0:08
  • Wooden Gate Creaking0:09
  • Electric Shaver0:18
  • Guy Folks Night0:45

CTV Sound Studios