CTV Sound Studios

Cardiff Television Ltd was established in 1987 by John Cross & Ken Rock. CTV has an illustrious history in the art of dubbing for film & television. John was a pioneer in sound dubbing in Wales, in particular, dubbing into the Welsh Language. CTV has over the years adapted to the many changes in technology, and today boasts a successful 

combination of classic analogue and state-of-the-art digital equipment. 

Some of our clients include:


  • Audio-Description since 2000

  • Gair I Glust (Elfed Dafis) Audio Describer



(Re-Voicing, Dubbing & Final Welsh Sound Mix)

  • Sam Tan
  • Super Ted
  • Medabots
  • Penblwydd Pwy
  • Traed Moch
  • ​Drewgi
  • Gwboi a TwmTwm
  • Yr Anhygoel Brodyr Adrenalini
  • Popi'r Gath
  • Oli Dan Y don
  • Y Dywysoges Fach
  • Arctig Gwyllt Iolo Williams

and many more.

Beryl Productions

  • Family ties (Voice Recording)

Telegael / Mike Young Productions

  • Chloe's Closet (Voice Recording - English Version)

Element 6

  • ​Voice-Over

​Gwasanaeth Iaeth Calan

  • Scottish Power (Re-Voicing / Dubbing)

Cymdeithas Cyfiethwyr Cymru

  • Welsh Interpreter Exams

Caradie James

  • ​Hypnotherapy Voice Overs

Shark Biscuit Productions

  • ​Sofa Sofa (Voice Over) to watch full promotional video Click Here
  • Caerphilly Mountain Burger Snack Bar (Voice Over) to watch full promotional video Click Here
  • ​Llaeth Y Llan (Voice recording, Sound Design & Mix)
  • Welsh Labour Party Broadcast (Voice recording, Sound Design & Mix)